Noblesfontein Wind Farm is a

73.8MW renewable energy generation plant located


in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Noblesfontein has committed to a 20 year contract with the Department of Energy (DOE), to generate electricity and supply it directly to the national grid. Central to this contract is the obligation to invest in the socio-economic (“SED”) and enterprise development (“ED”) of Victoria West.


The social investment obligation derives generally from the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), which creates a defined framework as well as the system by which such investments are to be recognised and monitored by the DOE.


More specifically, because of the requirement for a locally responsive social investment strategy, Noblesfontein’s obligations derive from the needs, requirements and priorities of its host community. Noblesfontein, therefore, seeks to surface the voices of community members, drawing them in not only as beneficiaries, but as co-constructors of their own social investment strategy.


 We, as Noblesfontein, wanted to understand the needs of the local community before investing into socio-economic and enterprise development initiatives. An assessment was therefore conducted by surveying 226 people in the community of Victoria West.


A Community Development Plan was established based on the findings of the research conducted and is used as a framework to invest into projects.


In order to ensure objectivity independence is maintained, Noblesfontein decided to outsource the implementation of all ED and SED programmes to a service provider known as Knowledge Pele.


Below are the overarching themes for the social investment programmes being implemented for the 2019 calendar year:


Socio-Economic Development

& Enterprise Development

Education Enrichment At All Phases


Through Increased Resources

  • Teacher Training at all phases through increased resources (Early Childhood Development, Primary & High School)
  • Digital Learning Aids
  • Schools Counsellor / Social worker presence
  • for primary and secondary schools
  • Post matric bursary funding


  • Transporting community members to government facilities on targeted days each month in order to obtain Identity Documents.

Economic Participation

Enterprise Development

  • Internship programme / job placement programme targeted at youth without education and training to reduce poverty and increase economic participation
  • Grant funding, mentorship support and training for small startup enterprises
  • Annual event for the public to be informed on processes & to create an equal platform for applications


These interventions will be underpinned by a social cohesion approach, which will promote democratic access to information of our investments and drive community interest and participation.

“We see our requirement to invest in socio-economic and enterprise development not merely as an obligation, but as a means to uplift people from Victoria West and ultimately to make a difference in our country.”

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“Whilst our main focus is to generate and supply electricity, we are most proud of our contribution to the local community of Victoria West.”

Interesting Facts

Major Towns:

Victoria West



Onshore Wind


Bid Window:



Commercial Operation Date:

11 July 2014


Number And Type Of Wind Turbines:

41 Vestas V100 turbines, each generating 1,8MW


Target Communities To Benefit From
SED & ED Activities:

Noblesfontein Wind Farm’s sole beneficiary community of SED/ED activities is Victoria West within the Ubuntu Local Municipality.


"We, as Noblesfontein, wanted to understand the needs of the local community before investing into socio-economic and enterprise development initiatives.”

ADDRESS: Head Office 33 Sillery Avenue, Constantia. 7806 Cape Town (Western Cape)

TELEPHONE ENQUIRIES: +27 (0)64 7599 839